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Cubroid - Educational Technology

Cubroid Canada believes that every child should enjoy learning about new technologies.  The foundation to learning is the desire to keep trying.  

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Robotics - where technology and creativity take off


Every great story starts with a vision.  Robotics brings vision to life, through technology.

Do you remember where your imagination led you?

Hands On Robotics For Kids

Kit cars, space ships, journeys to long ago lands.  Build whatever you can dream! 

We are a Makerspace supporter! We believe the best way for a child to learn is to support their creativity.  

rocket launches with robotics being the inspiration for this boy learning to code
Cubroid Canada coding blocks helping children learn to code

Made Easy

Cubroid Canada is truly the first coding toy that can have your kids learning (and enjoying) to code within 10 minutes! 

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Forever New

The simplicity of Cubroid allows children to easily adopt robotics in many new ways.  The longer children play with our coding blocks the more comfortable working with the sensors and commands.  Once they learn to code they will continue to grow it! 

STEAM develops creativity as Cubroid helps to realize that dream
Young girl looking at a device dreaming of robotics

We make it simple for parents, teachers and children (5+) to learn the basics of coding.  Follow us on social media, links at the bottom of our site, or check out the Cubroid Canada Learning Center for more resources! 

Best in class, school or home, robotics learning.

Easy to use wireless coding.

Extremely long life batteries. 

Incredibly durable motors.

And free shipping

Nothing Else Like It

Cubroid is unique. It offers over 390+ robotics combinations and 3 simple stages of coding knowledge: beginning with Drag and Drop commands, Scratch, and elementary Java. 

Girl and boy incorporating other compatible building blocks with robotics
Boy and a girl learning to code Robotics with Cubroid Canada
STEAM education is of the utmost importance to Cubroid Canada
Cubroid corporate logo we are the distributor for Canada
Cubroid Canada STEAM and STEM commitment seal for education and schools
STEM curriculum comes alive with Cubroid Canada

Cubroid Canada sister company

Imagination Technology Inc.

Imagination Technology is supplier of 3D printers, replacement filaments, learning guides and much more.  We are proud to be growing technology across Canada! 

Imagination Technology

Child learning to code with help from Cubroid Canada

Cubroid Canada Education Material and Tutorials

Learning Made Easy

Cubroid is the best wireless coding toy available for at home fun or in the classroom teaching.  Our kits are designed to make learning to code enjoyable for children of almost any age.  

Our coding sets are built to withstand hours of team work or solo learning, making Cubroid the best option for at home enjoyment or teachers hoping to add Robotics to their STEM and STEAM curriculum. 

Supported Online

Please check out our Learning Center to either follow us on social media for classroom projects or check out the free Learning center to help your students leaning to code robotics with Cubroid.

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Rated:  The best robotics kit is the best gift a grandparent can buy for their grandkids to ensure endless fun and learning!!

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