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How does age impact STEM learning?

Writing this article, I am reflecting on a conversation while on a flight from New York to Toronto last year.  I had the pleasure of sitting next to a lawyer from a major international industrial company, market cap in excess of $200 Billion.  It was a fantastic conversation that quickly turned to the idea of getting how to get more girls involved in Engineering careers. 

I was lucky enough to have my seat neighbor share with me that their company had done a major study on the age of influence required to affect a the career choices in order to influence more girls into STEM roles.  That age was grade Three! The basics of their study suggested that if you wanted to influence a child’s choice of careers you needed to engage them before they enter grade Four.

STEM Learning picture showing STEM learning for children

This conversation alone was a big factor at my excitement to help out Cubroid Canada

The design and simplicity of Cubroid is intended to help younger children learn and understand the basics of coding.  Minecraft went through a flurry of excitement and still engages children across the globe with its simplicity and expandability in a digital world of make-believe.  However, what about the hands on?

Cubroid uses the fundamental model that toys should be easy to use and understand.  Our simple (FREE) apps and wireless technology make for one of the most advanced products available in the world.  Our kits are hands on and capable of supporting a child in their pursuit of creativity, supporting their visions, adding movement, sounds, and so much more.

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