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Learn to Code tools, are they all the same?

Take a stroll into any big box retail store or online marketplace these days and you will notice that the number of STEM toys out there teaching kids to code is growing by the day. 

Cubroid robotics coding, sensors and parts listThere has been a lot of research and a lot of development placed on this market.  These toys are intended to grow the minds of the superstars of tomorrow!  We need to be aware of not just, what they are learning, but also how they are learning!  So as a parent or teacher, how do we look at a toy and decide?

Ultimately a STEM toy should get a child excited to learn.  It should be fun, engaging and capable of teaching several lessons as well as inspiring individual or group quests.  The mix is difficult to find.  A fun toy with no ability to grow with the child makes for a short-term enjoyment of a toy will be more of a fad.  Similarly, if a toy that is too technical, your children will soon find themselves casting the toy away in favor of a new flavor of the month.  Continuously using and growing with an educational toy is the most important part.  

Imagination meets robotics with Cubroid Canada Educational learn to code kitWe believe the answer is to find a dynamic toy that is capable of being interwoven into their current games or story-lines.  Mega Blocks™, dolls and other toys have always been the go-to options for children.  They can be used in almost any design, repeatedly.  That is the beauty of toy capable of standing the test of time.  However, as many of the brands that have historically been loved by our youth try to move into more technology friendly fields, and entering new markets (STEM, Learning, etc.).  We ask, are they getting engagement of the children?  If a toy is meant to build one design, how is creativity being fostered?

Cubroid has been able to develop a product that is simple and yet adaptable.  Adding robotics into a child’s routine has never been easier.  Our motors, sensors and monitors have an inherent advantage in that our blocks can be easily used to enhance other toys, in an ever-growing effort to allow your children to learn robotics.  


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