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The future job market in Canada, what does it look like? How does robotics, learn-to-code and 3D printing fit in?

The future job market in Canada, what does it look like?  How does robotics, learn-to-code and 3D printing fit in?

There is no question that the opportunities available to children today is staggering.  Technology continues to be responsible for many things, but variety of jobs is likely one of the most impacted areas of the human experience.  Today you can make money doing anything, well almost… 

Here in Canada we really do need to appreciate the steps and direction and the influences that our natural resources have on our jobs market.  Technology add accesses, infrastructure and much more!  This has allowed us to keep building bigger, demanding more workers in all capacities.

There really is no argument to be made here, but the question becomes: what does a job look like in 10 years, 15 years?  How does technology stand to influence our jobs?

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Allie Knull, President of River City Recruiting & HR.  She works hand in hand with some of industries cutting edge technologies, building HR operations and attracting talent to their offices.

Cubroid coding blocks can help your children learn to code in Canada with STEM Education and STEM learning“Today there is certainly a change with the rise of Gig jobs and contract workers, technology allows us to do so much more from a distance.  Historically a lot of our focus was on traditional, in-house teams.  It has really been in the past 3-5 years that we have seen the focus on the individual worker.  Gig jobs have been a new type of work environment to rise from this.  I think we will continue to see an overall rise in the number of people who earn a living from these types of jobs, either in part or in whole of their earning potential.” says Allie.

What about Canada? 

When people think technology, they think Silicon Valley, Seattle, or a few other metropolitan locations across the United States.  What if we could change that?  Not the worlds perspective, but our own…. Canada is a unique place, massive spans of land which means a spread-out work force.  If there is a rise in remote opportunities, what will those opportunities be? How can we be better positioned?

Programming is likely the first topics to come to mind.  Rightfully so, those strings of dubious looking text are why we have your attention right now.  But, what else is coming through the pipeline?

“I think as far as opportunities you have to think about what technologies are changing the most today,” Says Allie.  “There is an incredible growth in 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Technologies, and so much more.” 

Therefore, we will continue to see growth in several interesting areas that can support our children working anywhere they chose when they must make that choice.  They could very well be working from home and employed in: CAD modelling for 3D design, digital art/design for marketing or modelling, analytics for Energy, and yes coding AI and everything else technology focused.  These are higher paying jobs that can be done anywhere there is an internet connection.  That level of access could be game changer for Canada’s small towns even the remote ones, not just our cities.

In summary, our STEM curriculum will become ever more important across Canada.  There has never been a better time for children to learn to code, design or just simply experiment.  If we want to make actual changes in this market we  learn to code in Canada with STEM Education and STEM learning,  Cubroid coding blocks is the best resource to help your children learn to codeneed to make sure that we support our children in their learning.  This means more girls in STEM, actively encouraging them to participate and supportive avenues to continue to learn.  Coding, AI and 3D printing will continue to grow, things will change.  

Canada will always be abundant in natural resources and our industries will be heavily influenced by that.  However, our services and other related industries will need support.  That is where we will see a heavy influence of some great opportunities!!

About our Interviewee:

Allie Knull is the president of River City Recruiting & HR as well as new Tech start-up Resume Free.  Be sure to catch Allie on Instagram and Linked In to keep in touch with her ongoing insights.  Known for her resourcefulness and determination she is backed by a foundation in Human Resources, Recruitment and Entrepreneurship.  




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