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About Cubroid Canada



About Cubroid

Cubroid’s story is a fast and steep trajectory, and in the sheer vertical and still growing!  Cubroid is proud to be one of the top successes to establish itself off Kickstarter.  Within a year of that success they were a hit at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, NV.  This has further translated into incredible growth in Europe and Asian markets as Cubroid continues to establish itself as a STEAM Education must have. 


About Cubroid Canada

Cubroid was established in Canada in April, 2019.  We have quickly built a network for our products within Western Canada’s Education System, working with several key districts and growing from there.  As we work to establish a retail footprint, we look forward to being there for parents hoping to introduce robotics kits for their children, and to share in their adventures of learning to code. 

If you are a teacher looking to introduce Cubroid in your classroom, we offer a discount of $50 per kit on all orders of 5 or more kits.  This discount is automatically applied to every bill, no need to use any discount codes.  Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding Cubroid in your classroom.  


About our Cubes

The kits are the best for STEM curriculum introduction to Robotics Kits for kids grade 2 through grade 8.  Simply download the app, connect the blocks then drag and drop the commands for beginners.  It does not get any easier than that!  If the child is a more advanced coder you can use our integration with Scratch, or if they want to grow, some JAVA can be accommodated, setting them well on their way - learning to code! 


The bright colored blocks are a complement to the sensors, motors and other programmable components, truly bringing any little bot to life.  We hope to have schools and parents across Canada working closely with us to help their children learn to code! 


If you are a parent or teacher and you would like to purchase Cubroid for your students or children, click here.