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Learning Center Info

Cubroid Canada Learning center is here to direct you to learning resources to help your classroom learn to code!  Use the Cubroid updated lesson plans for learning to code or follow along with social media.


Link: Cubroid Education Center


Parents and Teachers: Create a free account to access the Cubroid library for learning materials, guides and inspiration.  Our easy to navigate library will have your children submersed in activities and adventures.


Link: Cubroid Technical Support


If you have issues, please check here for support. 


Social Media

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Instagram: @cubroidcanada

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Youtube Channels

Link: Cubroid Youtube Channel

Extensive online library of videos, helping kids and parents learn the basics of Cubroid Coding Blocks. 


Link: Cubroid Canada Youtube Channel

Cubroid Canada Youtube Channel is here to answer questions and provide ongoing ideas and walk-through videos for your Cubroid adventures.